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  • 2013-08-27-14-02-26-8730deef9271349c60287d8f14ccdd1a

    Euthanasia No Substitute For Palliative Care

    Associate Professor Richard Chye is director of palliative care at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and a member of Palliative Care Australia’s Board. The first person I had to tell they were dying was my father, I’ll never forget it. He was 46 and suffering from kidney cancer; I was a 20-something

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  • India

    Palliative care for people with psychiatric illnesses in India

    Psychiatric disorders cause considerable burden on individuals, families and societies causing a great deal of suffering. Human, social and financial resources are needed to provide access to effective and humane treatment for people with these disorders.  This burden reaches an enormous magnitude in a country like India. The palliative care

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